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Heat- and flame protection products

Twaron-, Teijinconex- and Technora-based flame-resistant clothing is recognized around the world for its superior quality, performance and reliability, and for its combination of excellent protection and maximum comfort.


Providing safety and comfort

Whether we’re talking about the military, the fire department or the police, their personnel require the highest levels of protection, as well as comfort and wearability. They need superior thermal protection and flame resistance and resistance to tears and abrasion. What’s more, they want the comfort that comes with lighter weight materials, greater flexibility and increased breathability.

Key benefits when using our aramids

• Inherent flame resistance
• Heat insulation
• Dimensional stability
• Doesn’t burn, melt or adhere to human skin
• Strong, light, durable and comfortable

Versatile applications

Twaron – combined with other flame-retardant fibers – is widely used in battle dress uniforms. These inherently flame-resistant outer garments give soldiers crucial extra time to get out of harm’s way.

Firefighter turnout gear made from Twaron, Teijinconex or Technora meets ever-more stringent requirements in terms of protection, thermal insulation, and wearing comfort. The wearer is not only protected against heat and flame, but also against hazards associated with electric arcs and flash fires.

Police and Special Forces also face increasingly threatening or violent situations. Our aramid fibers provide protection, not only against heat and flame but also against bullets and against slashing and stabbing.

Developments in our three high-performance fibers are always ongoing. Together with our customers and partners, we are constantly working to improve protection for those who risk their lives to protect us.

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