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Friction products

Teijin_Aramid_Twaron_Aramid_Pulp_for_Friction_ApplicationsAs brakes become smaller, the performance of friction materials needs to better than ever. That’s why Teijin Aramid is continually developing advanced solutions to meet market needs, both today and tomorrow. Teijin Aramid is the market leader in friction materials, and its products set the standard for quality and performance in friction products around the globe.

Adding Twaron pulp and short-cut fibers improves the performance of brake pads, brake linings and clutch facings, which in turn prolongs product lifetime and increases driver comfort. In terms of comfort in particular, Twaron pulp makes a major contribution to reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). And thanks to Teijin Aramid’s commitment to continuous improvement, Twaron pulp now has narrower specifications than ever before, guaranteeing users the specificity, quality and consistency they need to optimise their production processes.

It’s these unique properties that make Twaron pulp the material of choice for friction manufacturers around the globe.


Key benefits when using Twaron

  • Superior strength and braking power
  • Reduced noise, judder, fading and vibration
  • Lower wear-rate and less corrosion
  • Improved stability of edges and no more cracks forming in pads
  • Suitable for replacing copper or asbestos in various friction formulations
  • Binds dust, helps guarantee a homogenous mixture, and prevents segregation in production
  • Improved pre-form stability for cold pre-pressing

A wide range of applications

Friction materials containing Twaron are used in brake pads, brake linings and clutch facings in private cars, buses, commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles. They are also used in trains, trams, and subways, and in motorbikes, bicycles and three-wheelers. In addition, there are numerous industrial applications for Twaron, including in elevators, cranes, and many other systems.


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