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Power transmissions belts

There is a clear trend in today’s automotive and motorcycle belt industry towards higher-power transmissions, better fuel efficiency, improved noise and vibration characteristics and a longer lifetime. This is reflected, for example, in the growing demand for start-stop systems and the transition from metal chain to rubber belts. The main driver for these developments is current and forthcoming legislation curbing CO2 emissions.

In the industrial and agricultural belt industry, dimensional stability and higher power transmission are key requirements. And the latter is also driving increasing demand for higher temperature resistance.

Automotive and motorcycle belts:

Both types of belt require high strength combined with low elongation properties, excellent temperature and chemical resistance, a high strength-to-weight ratio and good flex properties.

Industrial and agricultural belts:

The requirements for industrial and agricultural belts are mainly focused on high strength and stiffness. In order to avoid slippage at high power transfers – and, as a result, excessive abrasion of the belt – low belt elongation is also required.

The benefits of using Twaron and Technora

As a result of their high tensile strengths, both Twaron and Technora can be used as a tension member for the reinforcement of the belt. The fibers are known to have excellent chemical and temperature resistance, and, with their low extension properties, these yarns also offer good dimensional stability and low belt elongation.

Our aramid products can also be used for compound enhancement, resulting in an increased modulus of the rubber compound, lower heat build-up, improved abrasion resistance, and far quieter operation. Aramids can also be applied as a protective fabric to improve tooth strength and wear resistance – especially at high temperatures.

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