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Other rubber products

In today’s world, elastomer applications need to keep up with the pace of new developments. In the wake of the global crisis, the car industry is picking up – and fast economic growth in developing countries is leading to an increasing demand for raw materials. At the same time, global environmental regulations are becoming more and more stringent. Together, these trends are having a major impact on the rubber industry. The durability of components needs to be extended, greater efficiency needs to be achieved and downtime reduced.

Manufacturers need to develop products that respond effectively to these developments and these new demands. Luckily, the range of products that can benefit from the inclusion of aramids is virtually endless. Sulfron can help antivibration products achieve a longer lifetime or, in the case of airsprings, achieve thinner walls and higher pressures. Sealings, printer blankets and several other products can be reinforced to become more heat resistant and more stable. Wear mats and other mining equipment can benefit from increased abrasion, impact, cut, chip and chunk resistance. And these are just a few of the possible applications that can benefit from aramid as a reinforcement material.

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