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Industrial hoses

The key challenges for today’s industrial hose industry include ease of handling and safety. As part of a drive for higher efficiency, there is also a developing trend towards higher flow rates and more compact equipment, which, in turn, leads to higher working pressures.

Customers have a range of individual requirements with regard to pressure, operating temperature, aggressive fluids, and restricted installation and operating space. Think of applications like hydraulic hoses operating in high-voltage areas, for example, or paint-spraying hoses that can withstand chemical solvents, or lay-flat hoses which need to be folded and unfolded many times without sacrificing performance. These various and demanding applications call for new designs that make use of high-performance fibers other than the traditional reinforcement members like polyester and steel. Twaron and Technora aramid yarns are perfectly suited to fulfill these requirements due to their unique combination of tensile and physical properties.

Optimum solutions

Thanks to their excellent thermal, chemical and dimensional stability, Twaron and, to an even greater extent, Technora can meet the reinforcement requirements of virtually any industrial application. With its excellent dimensional stability and flexibility, Twaron is suitable for most industrial hose applications – while Technora, which has superior chemical and hydrolysis resistance, is an ideal choice where conditions are really tough.

The high tenacity of Twaron and Technora aramid yarns enable you to replace steel reinforcement in certain applications, providing the optimum solution for a low-weight and highly flexible alternative.
We can also offer our aramid fiber R&D skills to support you in creating a viable solution tailored to your specific application.

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