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Compound reinforcement

With today’s increasing demand for higher strength, reduced energy consumption, less maintenance and increased safety and environmental standards, the demands placed on rubber products are also rising. This can be seen in all manner of applications and industries – from the increased temperature resistance of a packer, to the higher impact and abrasion resistance of mining equipment, to the noise reduction and increased abrasion resistance of transmission belts. And along with these new demands for mechanical performance, we are seeing more and more emphasis being placed on dynamic performance. The focus on reducing CO2 emissions is also affecting rubber compounds, as the battle to lower rolling resistance in products like tires and conveyor belts continues.

In order to meet the specific requirements set for each individual application, rubber chemists are working every day to stretch the limits of their compounds. But in changing or upgrading compound recipes, they are tied to specific equipment and to certain process windows. Every new ingredient that they consider must be tested both for its performance in the end product and for its compatibility with critical processing parameters.

Small quantities, unmatched boost

Teijin Aramid is offering a group of aramid products that can help increase both the mechanical and the dynamic performance of rubber compounds. The addition of short-cut aramid fibers (Twaron, Technora and Teijinconex) or aramid pulp to the rubber recipe, for example, can give an unmatched boost to mechanical performance in terms of, for example, modulus or abrasion resistance. The short-cut fibers are available in different lengths and grades to match the specific needs for each application. Another specialty in Teijin Aramid’s compound-reinforcement portfolio is the product Sulfron D3515. The addition of even small quantities of Sulfron D3515 can significantly improve the dynamic performance of rubber products (e.g., in terms of heat build-up, endurance, rolling resistance).

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