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Elastomer reinforcements

In a world of ever-growing volatility, it’s good to be able to rely on essential products in the automotive and oil and gas sectors, in industry and in agriculture. For over two decades, Teijin Aramid has been committed to providing high-tech solutions for reinforcing elastomer products. These solutions are specially designed to withstand the tough conditions in today’s engines, heavy machinery and in the equipment used in oil and gas exploration. All are based on our high-performance para-aramid and meta-aramid products Twaron, Technora, Sulfron and Teijinconex – all of which combine excellent strength, chemical resistance with low weights.

The variety of applications in elastomer reinforcement can be found in industrial hoses, automotive hoses, power transmission belts, conveyor belts, rubber compound reinforcement, flowlines & umbilicals and other rubber products.


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