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Conveyor belts

In today’s mining operations, long, heavy-duty conveyor belts are usually reinforced with steel cord. However, driving these belts requires massive amounts of energy. Given that energy prices keep going up and carbon emissions are increasingly being penalized, the time is right for a reliable – and affordable – alternative: Twaron aramid fibers.


Aramids: high strength, low weight

The name aramid derives from aromatic polyamide. Like any man-made high-strength fiber, its strength is achieved by carefully aligning strong molecular chains along the direction of the force. The result is a fiber that is as strong as steel, but a lot lighter. Aramid fibers have a density of just 1.44 g/cm3 – five times lighter than steel (7.85 g/cm3).

Lower costs, fewer emissions

Using Teijin Aramid’s high-performance Twaron aramid fiber in conveyor belts offers clear advantages. The use of Twaron considerably reduces the weight of the conveyor belt. As a result, much less energy is required to drive the belt, leading to significantly lower operating costs and fewer CO2 emissions.

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