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In a world where lightweight and durable composites are increasingly replacing conventional materials, para-aramid fibers play an important role. They are essential for reinforcing composites where weight reduction and excellent damage tolerance are required. For over three decades, Teijin Aramid has been committed to providing high-tech solutions for composite-based applications in marine and aerospace construction, civil engineering, ground transportation, engineering plastics, and sporting goods – and the number of applications is growing.


Retaining structural integrity

The key benefits of using our aramids differ from application to application. Find out how our aramids are playing a role in your individual industry.

Marine industry

Thanks to the ongoing trend toward larger, more luxurious motorboats and sailing yachts, and a distinct rise in fast cruising and racing, the demand for greater strength and safety has grown in recent years. In sails, Twaron is used for its high modulus, low weight and flex fatigue resistance. The strength, stiffness and dimensional stability of Twaron-reinforced laminated sails help make it possible for racing yachts to compete at the highest level. Our other high-performance para-aramid fiber Technora has proven itself in the sailcloth industry because of its exceptional flex fatigue and strength. Both Twaron and Technora are available in a black yarn version. Finally, in hulls, Twaron brings a wide range of benefits, including high strength, energy absorption, low weight and vibration- and sound-dampening properties.

Aerospace industry

As weight is a critical factor in this high-tech industry, Twaron is often used to reinforce composite constructions such as fairings and airfreight containers. Aramid containment belts are also used in turbine engines to protect the passenger compartment in case of engine failure.

The sky’s the limit with Twaron
Since 2006, Alabama-based MACRO Industries, Inc. has been developing MACRO-Lite, which are sturdy, impact-resistant composite panels for unit load devices (ULDs). MACRO-Lite leverages the high-performance properties of Teijin Aramid’s Twaron and MACRO Industries’ proprietary resin, allowing air freight containers to weigh less, meet higher safety standards, require fewer repairs, and have a lower environmental impact. MACRO-Lite using high-tech Twaron fiber has a viable cost/ reward ratio showing positive ROI.

Industrial components

Twaron is used in different kinds of industrial components, like helmets, speaker cones, bottom plates for its high modulus, damage tolerance and strength. It is also used in rods for circuit breakers, where the combination of high modulus and Twaron’s dielectric properties offer specific advantages.

Ground transportation

As the costs of transport rise, lightweight, high-strength alternatives to more traditional materials are becoming increasingly attractive. With its combination of low density and excellent mechanical and physical properties, Twaron is becoming a material of choice in the design of lightweight parts for heavy-duty purposes.

Sport and leisure

Different kinds of sporting goods are reinforced with Twaron like tennis rackets, hockey sticks, skis, fishing rods, surf boards and golf shafts. It is also used to build a wide range of vessels, including canoes, kayaks, catamarans and racing boats.

Multifaceted and demanding world

The industries we are involved in are constantly changing, and manufacturers are facing increasingly stringent market demands. That’s why we continue to develop our technology, our products and our processes. To a major extent, sustainability is the foundation of the composites industry: composite products offer the combination of light-weight and good mechanical properties, often replacing steel or concrete solutions, resulting in fuel savings as well as reduced maintenance costs. Waste aramid can often be reclaimed and recycled for other applications.

Solutions that last

We believe that the best solutions are ‘co-creations’ – based on shared know-how and technical expertise in products, production processes and market requirements. Whether you’re looking for high modulus, extra strength, good dielectric properties, or any other property that can improve the durability and performance of your product, we can work together to create sustainable innovations.

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