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Soft body armour

Threats to modern armies and special police task forces have multiplied in recent years, creating the need for protection against all kinds of bullets and fragments as well as against stabbing with sharp and pointed objects. And these days it’s not only soldiers and policemen who are under threat. Prison guards, cash carriers and private individuals also need to be protected. The market is seeking better protection and greater comfort. That’s why many of today’s protective vests are made from Twaron, which provides enhanced protection, more comfort, and advantageous performance/weight ratios. We have more than three decades’ experience of developing advanced Twaron-based ballistic solutions, enabling the production of lighter, stronger, and more comfortable protective vests – essential equipment that will meet the needs of users both today and in the future. Next to Twaron-based solutions, we now also offer our new product Endumax®, a UHMWPE material. Endumax® UD/X-ply is easy to handle and can be easily pressed to shape objects such as insert plates for protective vests or hard ballistic plates, using lower pressure than required for other materials. Read more on ballistic protection product based on Endumax here.

Our high-performance fiber Twaron is an essential component of the modern protective vest. Conventional vests are uncomfortable and restrict the wearer’s movement. We’ve created surfaces that have a uniquely soft textile-like texture and combine maximum protection with freedom of movement. Being lighter and more comfortable, Twaron makes a huge difference to those wearing it.

Effective protection

The primary task of the protective material is to absorb kinetic energy in the shortest possible time. This is achieved through Twaron’s high tenacity, high energy-absorption rate, and high modulus of elasticity, which together permit the rapid dispersion of deformation waves. The huge number of individual filaments in a Twaron material also results in further synergistic effects.

Ongoing development

Teijin Aramid’s extensive research programs and ongoing product development ensure that only the very best goes into our products. Our dedicated research programs have already led to a number of highly successful new products, like Twaron Laminated Fabric Technology (LFT), Stab Resistant Material (SRM), Twaron molded fabrics for ladies’ vests and Twaron Sideguard, which protects against bullets causing injury on exiting a vest.

Our ballistic laminate solutions for soft ballistics:

  • Twaron LFT SB1
  • Twaron LFT UD41
  • Twaron LFT AT
  • Twaron LFT AT Flex

Our anti-stab solutions:

  • Twaron SRM
  • Twaron Microflex

Our ballistic recommendations are based on the following fabric constructions: (loomstate, scoured, Water Repellant Treated)

  • Twaron Molded fabric for ladies’ vests
  • Twaron CT612
  • Twaron CT704
  • Twaron CT707
  • Twaron CT709
  • Twaron CT714
  • Twaron CT716
  • Twaron T717
  • Twaron Sideguard
  • Twaron Felt No 9
  • Twaron Sewing Yarn

Recycling of soft ballistics

Ballistic materials are recyclable, and we do buy them back. We also guarantee the demilitarization of the recycled material. Read more about our recycling and buy back activities.

Meeting your needs

Teijin Aramid can offer you a wide range of filament yarns and fabrics that are all suitable for ballistic protection. Our dedicated experts will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your specific challenge.

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