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Hard ballistics

We live in a world that poses a growing threat to drivers and passengers in military and police vehicles, cash transporters, and private cars. Better protection is needed to counter this escalating violence, and to reduce the number of injuries and save lives. At the same time, there is a need to minimize the weight of the protective materials employed.

Thanks to its excellent energy-absorption properties and light weight, Twaron is increasingly combined with steel and other materials to reduce weight while protecting against projectiles and fragments (including secondary fragments). Our para-aramid fiber Twaron allows police and civilian vehicles to be armored while remaining light and maneuverable. Even tanks and other military vehicles can be made lighter and safer with Twaron. Using Twaron in armoring reduces weight by between 30% and 60% compared to steel. Twaron ballistic solutions exist for a number of threat levels, ranging from direct fire and shell fragments to high explosives.

Customized solutions

Our Twaron yarn is used to make laminates that provide effective protection against a wide variety of bullets, grenades and even some specific mines. In the planning and construction phase, we offer practical and customized solutions. Whenever necessary, we work closely with governmental authorities, institutions, vehicle manufacturers and converters – all to provide optimal protection, both today and in the future. Our dedicated experts will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your specific application.

Our hard ballistic recommendations are based on following constructions:

Recycling hard ballistic products

Ballistic materials are recyclable, and we do buy them back. We also guarantee the demilitarization of the recycled material. Read more about our recycling and buy back activities.

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