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Ballistic-protection products

The growing threat of violence today has led to an increasing demand for ballistic protection. At Teijin Aramid, we are dedicated to providing this protection with our high performance para-aramid fiber Twaron. Our innovative and proven solutions are specially designed to protect those who protect us: policemen and women, soldiers, bodyguards – and the vehicles they use. With excellent tenacity, impact resistance and energy absorption properties, Twaron offers comfortable, lightweight and effective ballistic solutions with an outstanding cost-performance ratio. What’s more, this is all underpinned by strong technical support, ranging from in-house lab testing facilities to creative engineering support. In the more than 30 years that Twaron has been available on the market, it has helped to save thousands of lives worldwide.

Our solutions

Guarding against ever-higher and more complex threat levels and meeting the increasing demand for savings in weight requires top products. Twaron provides a broad portfolio of different types, ranging from yarns to fabrics and laminates. The properties and performances vary between Twaron types, and they can be given special treatments to meet your specific demands, as well as local laws and regulations. We offer several solutions for soft body armour, helmets and hard ballistics.


Ballistic materials are recyclable, and we do buy them back. We also guarantee the demilitarization of the recycled material. Read more about our recycling and buy back activities.



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