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Stedelijk Museum

Amsterdam’s famous Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art originally opened its doors to the public in 1895 to exhibit the new, “modern” art that was creating a furor throughout Europe. A century later, the old Museum itself was in need of modernization. Architect Mels Crouwel had a vision for the new Stedelijk Museum, in particular the façade, which had to be a massive work of art. It turned out that Twaron was the key to make it happen. We took up the challenge and our proud of the result.

The new façade of the Stedelijk Museum is made out of 8500 km of Twaron para-aramid fibers and Tenax carbon fiber in total. Those fibers will lead you from Amsterdam to Tokyo. Or it can create the largest composite building in the world.

See how the collaboration between experts in Architecture, Construction Engineering, and Composite and Aramid results in the world’s largest composite building. Check out the Stedelijk Museum Movie. Or read the full Stedelijk Museum Case Study on this amazing process. For visuals of the Stedelijk Museum, please find (high resolution) downloads here.