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Our values – PURE

Passion, Unity, Respect, and Excellence: these are Teijin Aramid’s core values. They provide the foundation for our organization and represent who we are and how we wish to be seen. They are our guide for the realization of our strategy. While strategic goals describe what we want to achieve, the values determine how we will accomplish them. Although each value has its own story, it is also inextricably bound to the other three. Together they constitute what we want our customers and other stakeholders to experience in every contact we have with them. The four values reinforce our reputation, set us apart from our competitors, and connect us with our customers.

Our behavioral principles

We are proud of our company, products and our professional contribution.
We work for our customers with pleasure and drive.
We set ambitious goals.

We work as a team in the interest of our organization as a whole.
We share our experience and help others to solve problems.
We feel connected with each other and with the company’s values and strategy.

We approach people in a positive and constructive way.
We communicate clearly and transparently.
We take into account the interests of our customers, employees, the environment and society as a whole.

We take initiative and ownership.
We learn today to do better tomorrow.
We invest in the development of our employees in order to achieve excellent performance.