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“The toughest firefighter alive” relies on Twaron

10 December 2012

Teijin Aramid is proud of supporting Joachim Posanz defending his title as Toughest Firefighter Alive at the World Firefighters Games in Sydney

Sydney, October 2012, 2500 firefighters from more than 60 nations participated in the bi-annual world firefighters games in Sydney, Australia. Winner in his age group and defending champion is Joachim Posanz.

Only firefighters on duty are admitted to this competition as they have to start in full turnout gear – including breathing apparatus. Joachim Posanz, along with his teammate Alexander Meyer and – together with team Germany, also won the relay and the team competition wearing PBI Matrix suits containing 60% Twaron, providing the necessary protection and comfort in emergency cases as well.

The competition consists of pulling out a 160 m hose, moving a 75 kg weight by means of a sledge hammer, carrying of an 80 kg Dummy over a distance of 90 mtrs. , surmounting a 3 mtr wall, carrying 20 kgs of foam to the 2nd floor and then pulling up a 20 kg hose and finally a stairrun of 19 floors.

We congratulate Joachim Posanz on this 2nd in a row success.