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Twaron used in tires for records breaking Ferrari

6 April 2012

The MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tire, developed with Twaron, will be used by the most powerful Ferrari ever, the F12berlinetta. This car is able to climb from 0-100km/h in only 3 seconds and has a power output of 730bhp (740CV). The car can drive
faster than 340 km/h and Twaron helped a bit.

The Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport tire is a new ultra high performance tire for the super sport car segment. The tire owes his excellence to Michelin’s successes during world’s toughest endurance races. These endurance races have harmful effects on the tires and usually wear out during the race. The racing drivers and their teams aren’t always allowed to make a pitstop for tire replacements. Therefore they need tires with the highest quality to replace the tires during the race as less as possible. And the properties of Twaron helps in that matter.

Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport tires use Twaron to ensure an ultimate driving experience in combination with maximum safety. The high-performance properties of Twaron make sure that the tire remains in its most ideal shape. Twaron is resistant  gainst the high temperatures which are achieved during the race when the car drives at a speed of 340 km/h or higher.

It’s fantastic that Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport tire, reinforced with Twaron, is used for a car as the F12berlinetta.