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Recycling Program Teijin Aramid nominee for Responsible Care Award 2012

6 April 2012

Teijin Aramid’s Recycling Program has been nominated as a candidate for the Reponsible Care-award by the VNCI.


The Responsible Care Award is the award for projects within the chemical industry that continuously improve their performance in terms of safety, health, environment, sustainable development and chain management. Initiator VNCI (Association of Dutch Chemical Industry) awards the prize to the most inspiring and appealing project. Teijin Aramid has been nominated, together with Akzo Nobel and Sabic Innovative Plastics, as a likely candidate for this award.


Teijin Aramid recognizes the growing importance of sustainability. Sustainability greatly influences their decision making in terms of production, marketing and sales. The parent company Teijin Ltd, which is listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, encourages Teijin Aramid to pursue these sustainable activities. Teijin Aramid strives to become the sustainability leader in their sector. To achieve this, they developed a sustainability program, which focusses on reducing the ecological footprint and improving the reputation as a sustainability leader.

Recycling Program

Recycling plays an important role in Teijin Aramid’s sustainability program. For over 20 years, they have reprocessed all waste created by their own production process. Since 2004, Teijin Aramid has explicitly implemented external recycling in its value chains. The development of a global collection process was the first step. Subsequently, they went on to support clients by helping them reduce or reprocess their production waste. Any waste that cannot be processed is collected by Teijin Aramid. They also ensure that aramid can be retrieved from end products at the end of their lifespan. In this way, they are working hard to give valuable aramids a new purpose.

In 2008, Teijin Aramid launched the first product that was entirely based on recycled aramid: Twaron Pulp 0701. This was followed by the recycled spun yarn that is now offered in two variants. Their knowledge of eco-efficiency has allowed them to demonstrate the sustainable advantages of the recycled products. These sustainable advantages were confirmed by an external party when Teijin Aramid was awarded a TÜV
certificate in 2011.

Through its investments, Teijin Aramid will remain committed to recycling now and in the future. New technologies will be implemented in Emmen over the next few years. Teijin Aramid is not going to wait until the market demands these recycled products; they will take a proactive approach instead. Teijin Aramid is taking responsibility and is willing to accomplish their ambitions. Teijin Aramid’s Recycling Program is a nominee for the Repsonsible Care Award 2012.

Responsible Care

The Responsible Care program is a global initiative from the chemical industry. The initiative is aimed at the performance of companies in the field of safety, health, environmental sustainability and continuous improvement. With the Responsible Care Award  the VNCI wants to bring further attention to responsible care. The ceremony takes place on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.

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