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Press release: Unique fiber for a unique building

25 November 2011

Twaron makes construction new façade Stedelijk Museum possible

Arnhem, 25 November 2011 – The distinctive new façade of the Stedelijk Museum, nicknamed as “the bathtub” consists of materials that are as unique as its conceptual design. It includes a composite with Twaron®, an innovative high performance fiber with a couple of unique characteristics.

Twaron is an aramid fiber that is developed, produced and sold byTeijin Aramid. It is a super fiber that makes materials durable and enlarges their life-cycles. Applying Twaron in construction materials therefore fits in the trend of sustainable building in which the eco-footprint and life-cycle of materials in constructions are critically examined and analyzed.

Buildings such as the Stedelijk Museum need to combine various requirements. Form and function should complement each other. The exceptional construction needs to invite and inspire visitors. But public buildings also need to offer safety and comfort. And they should be future proof. These buildings should keep their physical and aesthetic features also for future generations.

Twaron is a fiber of the future which may be an alternative for traditional materials. The fiber has unique properties which enable sustainable and ground breaking innovations and applications such as the new façade.
Twaron, for example, is both extremely strong as extremely light-weight. Weight for weight Twaron is at least 5 times stronger than steel, which also enables unique constructions. Twaron is safe. Although it is a synthetic fiber, it does not melt in extreme heat or fire.
Moreover, the fiber remains stable under varying weather conditions, which is an advantage in case of shifting requirements due to climate change. It maintains both its shape and its strength. A number of these properties makes materials in which Twaron is applied, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Through substantial investments, Teijin Ltd. has played an important role in making the realization of the innovative and sustainable façade of the Stedelijk Museum possible. This initiative fits in the philosophy of Teijin Ltd. to contribute to improvement of the quality of life and stimulate the development of innovative solutions. This includes both community initiatives in the living environment around our locations, the Netherlands as a whole and on a global scale. Solutions for today and the day after: human chemistry, human solutions.

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