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Over the athlete’s shoulder

1 November 2010

To film fast-paced sports events, such as American football, you need to get right into the thick of things. U.S. company CableCam has an aerial camera system that can record from virtually any point on a sports field. It consists of four pairs of Technora-reinforced ropes, each anchored at one of the sports arena’s four corners. The ropes meet at the arena’s center where they fasten onto the camera. Winch in the ropes by the right amounts, and the camera zooms to a specific point. Designed and made by Samson, the ropes are an integral part of the system’s success. To keep up with the action, they have to be pulled through their winches at high speeds, which generates considerable heat. And Technora fibers have exceptionally high heat resistance, which ensures the ropes can maintain tensile strength at these high temperatures. That’s how Technora can perform where other fibers would fail.